Wednesday, 8 April 2009

mewithoutyou "Brother, Sister"

I am awoken by a light sprinkle of rain, kissing my forehead like gentle fireflies. The boat rocks back and forth as I sit up, settling as quickly as it had started and resuming a gentle drift northward.

The sky is purple and black, an ominous mural of caged elemental fury, crackling with angry sparks of white. The fog has settled to a low cluster around my boat, laying across the waves like the ghost of lost sailors searching for land. The ghost is thinning, pulled apart slowly by the gentle wind and forced to spread its searching tendrils amongst the expanse of infinite sea.

The eye of the storm is the safest place to float, but the ominous thunder of chariots and wrath promise no security on the other side. My body is covered in ink blue tattoos, a reminder and an identification of self for a sailor lost at sea. A floating body can still be identified by its wrinkled tattoos, but all the time in the world couldn’t provide enough ink to give me a name.

Nothing lays below me but the boat and the empty depths and nothing lays above me but the sky and the empty depths.

The fog is clearing.

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