Sunday, 17 May 2009

Best Enjoyed With...

AFI 'Sing The Sorrow'
Made with: a generous spoonful of emo bandwagon jumping, 2 servings of Edgar Allan Poe and half a piece of the Halloween soundtrack.
Best enjoyed with: a black t-shirt and teenage hormones.

UnderOath 'They're Only Chasing Safety'
Made with: a sprinkling of unnecessary electronics, 4 generous ladles of monotone screaming and 11 standardised pop-punk choruses.
Best enjoyed with: a hair straightener and a heart full of angst.

Bring Me The Horizon 'Count Your Blessings'
Made with: 1 part misogynist propaganda, 3 portions of overused breakdowns and 1/2 a cup of Oli Sykes' urine.
Best enjoyed with: a chronic acne breakout, a fringe-happy haircut and Hungry Jacks.

Nirvana 'Best Of...'
Made with: 2 generous slices of flannel, 1 part custody battle and a splash of teen spirit.
Best enjoyed with: a shotgun and a copy of REM's 'Automatic For The People'.

Metallica 'St Anger'
Made with: 3 parts nu-metal thrash riffs, 2 scoops of adolescent lyricism and an essence of dysfunctional documentary fodder.
Best enjoyed with: a copy of 'Master of Puppets'

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