Friday, 17 April 2009

An Interview With Ben Rama Trash People

Today we're interviewing the notorious BenRama TrashPeople (yes, that song was written about him) - renowned Australian indie-DJ, CEO of FANS events and slayer of more groupies than Gene Simmon's tongue. Lets see what he has to say...

DAN: Hey BenRama, thanks for talking to me today. Just letting you know this interview will be appearing up on a QUT sponsored blogsite called 'The Gutter Phenomenon" which basically aims to help promote any non-mainstream artists.

BEN: Cool, sounds good.

DAN: Ok, should probably start by asking you what you think of the current Brisbane music scene. Is it large enough to actually get any local bands to a level of national popularity?

BEN: I think the bands are really really good, probably some of the best around at the moment, but it seems to be the culture up here to just hang out in pubs and watch football. The bands are awesome but no one really goes out and sees them.

DAN: So do you think there is enough support for local bands from the general music going public?

BEN: There is a general music going public?

DAN: Apparently.

BEN: I thought it was just me and a few friends.

DAN: So would you then say that you are the indie scene?

BEN: I like indie music.. but about the same as i like all other music. I'm not running out and buying skinny fit jeans. I am getting a hair cut like The Horrors.

DAN: I'm not sure what that looks like. Does it involve a comb-over?

BEN: massive hair with heaps of hair spray.

DAN: But you have short hair.

BEN: Thats correct. No, we aren't the indie scene, but it seems to be mainly bands supporting other bands, which is good. But we need more people to go out, see bands, dance around like a dick, pash randoms and fucking party!

DAN: have met me before yes?

BEN: Yes.

DAN: Then you know I am supporting your views on seeing bands, dancing round like a dick, pashing randoms and partying wholeheartedly. But yes, more people should do it to, so we're not so lonesome.

BEN: That's true, so that there are more girls to randomly pash! And bands can be seen more!

DAN: It's not random if it's the same girl 3 weeks in a row.

BEN: Who told you?

DAN: No-one, but the camera never lies. This probably seems as good a point as any for you to tell anyone reading this about FANS.

BEN: You want me talk about FANS?

DAN: You'll have to assume that anyone reading this knows absolutely nothing about it, so explain the concept.

BEN: Ok. FANS started about 8 months ago as an indie club night with bands. The first one we had was with the guys from Bloc Party DJing (at Step Inn) after they played the Riverstage. We have now moved to Alhambra in The Valley and have had people play and DJ like The Music (UK), Bloodhound Gang (USA), Finch (USA), Bluejuice, Philadelphia Grand Jury and so on... We have a few coming up, including a show with Young and Restless playing and Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes (from Eagles Of Death Metal) DJing and then Art vs Science playing too.

We will continue to do messy as fuck indie parties, but we are moving forward as a company and doing new stuff. Like we will be throwing some parties in Sydney and Melbourne soon.

DAN: I heard somewhere you just bought an office?

BEN: Bought?

DAN: Rented?

BEN: We just got an office in The Valley, moved in yesterday and had a party there last night with all the Brisbane bands. Messy as fuck!

DAN: Trashed people?

BEN: Always!

DAN: Where did they ask you guys to set up in Sydney/Melbourne?

BEN: I cant really say where yet, but it is a massive venue in Sydney and we are still sorting out Melbourne.

DAN: Sweet as. So would you be taking Brisbane bands down there, or just be putting on their local bands?

BEN: Hell no. We will be getting bands from everywhere for that but we are taking buses down full of our friends and bands just to come party in Sydney once a month.

DAN: What kind of attendance would you expect from the Sydney and Melbourne scenes for FANS events?

BEN: Sell outs. Same as we get up here.

DAN: Is there any sort of comparison to be made between the Brisbane scene and the Sydney or Melbourne scenes? Or are they all about the same?

BEN: It's been a while since I've been in Melbourne but Sydney definately has more of an indie following, bands are bigger and there are way more venues. Brisbane definately has a lack of venues that bands can play in.

DAN: So do you think thats maybe why Brisbane has less audience support for local bands? Or just that Sydney residents are way more into their indie?

BEN: It's not just about indie, it's all music. Unless you are an R'N'B DJ or a stripper there are hardly any venues for you to perform.

DAN: So true. Would you ever think about incorporating strippers into your live performance?

BEN: I was going to do it last year at Good Vibrations but it didn't end up happening. I would love to do a club show in a strip joint though.

DAN: Actually, last time i saw your whole set you were surrounded by 4 shirtless men at all times. It was a little gay.

BEN: Ha ha.

DAN: Maybe FANS can move to Love & Rockets or the $2 jerk booth strippers.

BEN: Dude, FANS at Love & Rockets would be sweet. We would have to get the right bands for it.

DAN: Eagles Of Death Metal would be badass there. So sleazy. Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes is a strip club.

BEN: Thats what i was thinking! DZ from Brisbane would be good for that, maybe The Mess Hall.

DAN: I can't actually remember what they sounded like, but i'll take your word for it.

BEN: Just really dirty!

DAN: You couldn't really have dance bands.

BEN: Nope.

DAN: Or real folky bands.

BEN: Dirty dirty dirty rock bands! That could be ok.

DAN: Do you think Alahmbra may eventually become too small to contain all the FANS and that you might have to shift to a bigger venue?

BEN: Were you not at FANS on sunday? It's too small now.

DAN: Yeah, it was freaking packed.

BEN: We had a queue for like 2 hours.

DAN: I know. I didn't want to go outside in case I had to go back through the line.

BEN: It's the same every time we do a show, but we love the feel of that venue and the sound is right for us.

DAN: The sound was really, really good on Sunday.

BEN: It's starting to feel like our home, but we are doing shows at other venues.

DAN: I know you did one kinda thing at Rosies, but where else?

BEN: We did one at Step Inn.

DAN: Shit. Yeah forgot about that one, that was the first one with Bloc Party. Step Inn was way too small for that.

BEN: And we did a co-present at Thriller, but all of the normal FANS shows will now be at Alhambra but we will do special one off events at different venues.

DAN: I think Tivoli is kind of the same vibe as Alahmbra.

BEN: I agree.

DAN: Might be nice to do one there.

BEN: We will look at doing something at the Tivoli in about 9 months.

DAN: For local bands or an international touring artist?

BEN: Hmmm..something. Maybe both, maybe neither.

DAN: Ha ha.

BEN: It's actually both.

DAN: Because normally it seems you'll get the famous band to DJ and let all the smaller local bands do their normal thing, which is cool because everyone comes to hang out with the famous people and the local kids get some serious exposure.

BEN: Everyone come out to see me crack my head open. And yeah, thats why we do it that way, some of the locals we have had are now getting some massive support.

DAN: Means your doing something right then. Would you like to descibe the head cracking incident to anyone reading this and which lead singer of which local band was wholly responsible for your subsequent concussion?

BEN: Ha ha. Dommy Rocket! From The Rocketsmiths! BASTARD!

DAN: I heard it was a suplex?

BEN: He tried to put me on his shoulders.

DAN: And failed?

BEN: And then let me go. And then landed on top of me.

DAN: And then you had to be carted off in the ambulance?

BEN: Yeah. A night in hospital, some pain killers and some head scans later - I'm ready to do that shit again!

DAN: That's how hard the parties at FANS go off.

BEN: FUCK YEAH! If you haven't been to FANS it is a seriously dirty, sweaty, messy party! Like the best house party you have ever been to, except unlike a house party Bloc Party, Eagles of Death Metal, The Music and The Fratellis come and hang out!

DAN: I'm sure anyone who's cool enough to read this blog will be cool enough to come out and get destroyed at FANS. I'll probably leave it there.

BEN: Cool.

DAN: Is there a good link or a webpage or something people can go to to get info on FANS?


DAN: Thankyou very much for talking to us today BenRama.

BEN: Fuck off cunt. No problem dude!

DAN: Ha ha, thanks man.

Visit for more information on upcoming parties. Swear to God it's better than Cloudland and the FANS guys need your money to afford hookers and crack.

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  1. Never really knew who BenRama was, Glad to know the big picture (well some of it) Also fucken great he's an Aussie, fuck the song B's real an keepin it there,1of us-1of us, Go hard brother, We need you.respect Jax. ...................................(dirty throwback from the 90's)